Lakeside Day Boat Hire Athlone

Come to Lakeside Day Boat Hire and enjoy a half or full day exploring the natural beauty and wildlife on the mystical River Shannon and Lough Ree


For any of our day visitors that wish to avail of our services we offer our boats for half and full day hire. You don’t need prior experience or a licence to hire out our boats.

Fully comprehensive tuition will be provided when you arrive or guides can be provided if you request this prior to your arrival.

Included in the boat hire are: Buoyancy Aids | Navigation Charts | Tuition | VAT

Where you can explore

Lough Ree (Loch Ri or Loch Ribh), with an area of 41 square miles, in the midlands, is one of the three major lakes on the River Shannon and is the second largest on the Shannon after Lough Derg. The lake serves as a border between the counties of Longford, Westmeath and Roscommon, with the town of Athlone situated at the southern end of the lake and the small town of Lanesborough at the northern end of the lake.

The meaning of the name it has been given is unclear, but it is believed that it could be one of 2 things. It could mean the lake of the great plain, making reference to its location in the midlands plain, or the belief that it comes from the meaning the lake of the Kings.

This Lough, known to be highly mystical, is studded with islands, and is believed to be a place of great myth and legend. Spirits of the High Kings, ghosts of fallen warriors and ancient monks are said to be gazing through the mists. And there is even talk of a lake monster!

Inishcleraun ( Quaker Island), was founded in 540 AD by Saint Diarmuid, who was a teacher to Saint Ciaran of Clonmacnoise and who is buried here. The settlement was a place of learning and pilgrimage for centuries and contains the ruins of six churches, graveyards and a fort for protection against Viking raids.  This is located to the north of the Lough and is definitely worth exploring.

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